Get the Safety Net of Recurring Income!

You've built (or are building) your digital course...  And Now it's Time to Take it Evergreen and sell AGAIN and AGAIN

Introducing . . . The  Most Effective Way to Make Money While You Sleep

And Streamline The Path to Achieving Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Get the Safety Net of Recurring Income!

You've built (or are building) your digital course...

Now it's Time to Take it Evergreen and sell AGAIN and AGAIN

Introducing ....The Most Effective Way to Make Money While You Sleep

And Streamline The Path to Achieving Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Believe it or not the difference between someone who is successful in creating an online course business and someone who is not . . .

Has little to do with luck . . . and everything to do with streamlining your strategy and automating your sales systems.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck – it doesn’t mean it’s the end.

Because you’ve already done the hard part . . .
💥 You’ve created a course, but now you are struggling to do ALL THE THINGS and actually promote it! And now it’s sitting on that digital shelf collecting dust – when it has so much MORE potential.

💥 Or you just need a little nudge and the right support to gain momentum and take the EXACT steps to get your course up and skyrocketing on autopilot.

💥 Or you have created and launched your course online but you are looking for ongoing support and expertise how to turn that offer into recurring revenue and sell again and again....
The old way of selling with live launches is exciting, but it's all full-on exhausting! 🤪

And when you're on the launching rollercoaster it means inconsistent revenue, tumbleweed for months and a chunk of change left on the table.

The good news is that I'm on a mission to change this... 

I know what it’s like to feel completely overwhelmed, but then I discovered the proven pathway to building an evergreen course that sells time and time again. Because the honest truth is...

We Can’t Do Everything Alone

As entrepreneurs, we think we have to do it ALL.

But along the way, doubts and imposter syndrome creep up.

You think . . .

“Who am I kidding!?”
“No one’s gonna buy that!”
“I can’t possibly succeed at this and make money.”

And every negative thought in between. . .But the truth of the matter is more telling. . .

Success is trial, error, and patience . . .And getting and maintaining mentors and support is part of the journey.

Now Imagine Having Me and An ONGOING Team of Copywriters, Facebook ads Experts, Tech & SEO Experts and Masters of Sales Strategies at Your Disposal

  • The overwhelm and worry about your business would suddenly turn into heartfelt passion and enthusiasm.
  • The regret of creating an online business would turn into the joy of having the freedom to spend time with your family and friends.
  • The feeling of exhaustion from leaping over endless obstacles in your business would transform into the willingness and excitement to find new opportunities.
  • ​You’d anticipate new clients and breakthroughs with optimism instead of dreading the time and energy they would be taking away from you.

 And you wouldn’t just be dreaming of success with a passive, revenue-generating business...

You’d be living it.

Introducing the Brand New...
Make Money While You Sleep Membership

  • ​Weekly coaching sessions with Lucy to ask questions and keep your momentum and motivation. 
  • ​Bypass your tech fears with weekly tech calls to help you nail your systems.
  • ​​Monthly focus sessions covering insiders topics on webinar strategy, affiliate sales, funnel building, mindset and more!
  • ​Go deeper into your course creation mastery, to learn more advanced strategies.
  • ​Monthly SEO sessions to help your business and course get found on Google​ and YouTube
  • ​Monthly copywriting calls to help you with your emails and sales pages.
  • ​Monthly calls with our Facebook ads expert to help you successfully sell your courses.
  • ​Networking opportunities with an elite community of course creators through my exclusive Facebook Group.
  • ​Get full access to me and an opportunity to be in at the beginning and help me craft something.
“Lucy shows you step-by-step why courses work, how to nail your course idea, and the most important part, how to sell them!”

Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Association

Save Money, Time, and Years of Hard Work with One Smart Move . . . 

Hi! It’s Lucy! 

Let me share a little of my journey so far...

I know what it feels like to almost make it with online coaching, marketing, and courses.

Because that’s just where I was stuck before I turned my $19 course into a $1,000,000+ income-generating machine.

I had a great idea, hundreds of hours spent on design, copy, content, and systems . . .

And no income!

It felt terrible because everything I made seemed perfect . . .

And it just wouldn’t sell. Nothing was happening.
The minutes, hours, and days went by while my heart sank. I had done so many good things before and the pressure to succeed was so strong that I almost quit.

Today, I am so happy I didn’t . . . and that I believed in what was possible . . .

Because without that extra help and insight I found through a successive amount of ‘ah ha’ moments . . .

I would have been left stigmatized. And I would have missed out on a lot.

Like the money, success, and freedom of being my own boss, and the enduring self-esteem I’ve created through it. . .

So what did I learn during that time?

Success with digital courses is a learning curve, which you can battle through on your own . . .

Or leap over with the help of experts who’ve been there and come out on top.

And What Will Happen To You And Your Business Once You Join My
Make Money While You Sleep Membership?

  • You’ll breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that you can leverage the technical and marketing expertise to catapult your growth.
  • ​You’ll focus on the important parts of your business you like with the ample amounts of free and creative time you have. Not to mention time with friends, family, and all those hobbies you miss!
  • ​You’ll transform your idea you’ve worked on into the real, polished image you imagined for yourself.
  • ​You’ll get the ongoing help you need to become a 6-figure generating business machine with me by your side every step of the way. 
  • ​You'll get off that launch rollercoaster and create consistent recurring income every single day!
  • ​You’ll be a new, better and healthier version of yourself with the secure foundation and mindset you need for continued success.
“Lucy Griffiths is a force of nature. She was the brains, strategist, and marketing Dynamo behind a whole new suite of courses for Psychologies magazine. To date, we’ve sold over 5,000 courses and created a new revenue stream for the magazine. Lucy is a genius!”

Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Psychologies
This is why I have designed a membership that covers video, copywriting, funnel building, and all the tech in between . . .

So you can Make Money in Your Sleep and . . .

1. Get it Done! If your unfinished online course is collecting dust on the digital shelf, come join the 2 x weekly accountability sprint sessions and nail it! And then you can finally bring your work to your audience 💥💥💥
2. Nail Your Sales Strategy. Have you tried to sell and not gotten the results you want? I understand the nuances of sales. Let’s refine your sales machine 🚀🚀🚀
3. Make Your Tech Stuff Easy. I have the complete tech package for you, including video, copywriting, funnel building, and more. No matter what your level of tech-savviness is, I have easy to implement solutions so you get it done! 🔥🔥🔥
4. Gain Access to a Team Full of Experts. You’ll receive weekly tech Q&A support, plus learn about different promotional strategies from podcasts, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, or even apps like Clubhouse. I’ve got your back. Plus, WEEKLY Q&A calls with me, Lucy, designed to answer all your burning questions.
Ready to get in on the ground floor of this membership to raise the roof and grow your success exponentially?

Listen to what current members have to say...

Implement How to Sell on Repeat. All Day, Every Day.

Whether you are having trouble completing your course...

Have made one and it’s not selling in the way you hoped...

Or just are looking for the next step…

I can help you streamline your systems so you get it DONE! ✅

I know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” remedy, and I want to help you discover what to do to bring your course to fruition, and watch your sales skyrocket 🚀🚀🚀

I know the digital course business inside and out. I know how frustrating it is to search for clients . . .and the pain to attract more . . .

Yet, I’ve overcome that and sold over 50,000 courses . . .

And it doesn’t end there . . .

Become a member of my ‘Make Money While You Sleep’ Membership

Sign up to one of these incredible LIMITED TIME offers and pay either $ or £!!

Annual membership of $397 ($597) - One time payment (And get a 1-2-1 strategy session with Lucy worth $700)
Monthly Plan (cancel anytime) of $47 ($97) per month - Leave when you like

Act now, before prices go up.

Want to pay in GB Pounds (£) instead?
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Your Membership includes...

The Make Money While You Sleep Course
The Make Money While You Sleep Course shows you how to build your evergreen sales system to create consistent recurring income every single month and grow your business. I’ll show you how to create $5-10K+ revenue. This is the blueprint for success with modules including:

💥 Build Your Evergreen Sales Machine
💥 Map out Your Funnel
💥 Build Out Your Value Ladder
💥 Maximise Your Sales Strategy
💥 Includes spreadsheets and templates to help you  sell your course!
Group Coaching With Lucy
There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re flailing and wishing you had that support to actually get it done and implement. 

I love connecting with members and brainstorming ideas and inpsiration to help you streamline your systems and nail your courses.

💥 In the membership you’ll get WEEKLY Q&A coaching calls with me - yep, you read that right!

💥 Plus Monthly trainings and workshops with me to help you actually get your stuff done ✅
Connect and Convert Email Swipe Files
Connection is at the heart of your launch, and my email swipe files help you to build connection and convert your audience into swooning fans! 

I’m sharing my proven, profitable plug-and-play emails that will take you from pre-launch to webinar and open-close cart.

(Value = $497)
Easy Tech Zone with Weekly Tech Support 
I want to make the tech EASY! That’s why we have a weekly tech call with my tech whiz so you can get on-going support. Plus you’ll get a library of step-by-step videos you’ll need to set up and run your online course (we’ll talk you through Kajabi, ClickFunnels, Hotmart, Podia, Teachable, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Vimeo and more).

(Value = $997)


Weekly Get It Done Sessions...
We have focused co-working sessions twice a week where you get on a Zoom call with a small group to get the accountability to accomplish your goals! 

At the beginning of the call, you can share or type in the chat what you want to get done and by the end of the call you share what you’ve done.
Expert Sessions
In this membership, we’re a little different. I don’t just bring an expert and they drop a training and that’s that. We have regular experts EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. So you’ll get a monthly Zoom Q&A session with an SEO expert, a Facebook ads expert and a copywriter PLUS a weekly tech Q&A. Because I believe that having these experts will be the gamechanger for your business. 
Supportive Peer Community
Imagine having a community that helps you to grow your business, uplift you when you need a little momentum and motivation?  

Build your network of incredible cheerleaders and business buddies to keep you on track! 

This is the place to ask me and my team questions and network a ton, through my exclusive Facebook Group!


When you join today, you will also get these amazing bonuses!!!! 

Canva Template Vault
Get access to the same tried-and-true templates I’ve used in my courses, so you can effortlessly create stunning training slides, presentations, thumbnails, journals and workbooks for your course. 

You’ll get three gorgeous designs to help you easily create a stunning course!

(Value = $997)
Webinars that Win
Get my webinar slide deck template and script to successfully sell your course.  

Webinars are the best way to sell your course BUT there are some secrets to successfully sell even if you suck at sales.  I’ll guide you through the process with my deck that has generated for me over $1,000,000 in sales

(Value = Priceless! $997)

Copy that Converts!
Copywriters are possibly the BEST paid writers on the planet, and for good reason! The copy writing for a sales page that sells is part psychology, part-words and part-science. I’m going to show you how you can do this too with my simple system to create copy for your sales pages! And you’ll get feedback from MY copywriter to help you with your copywriting too.

(Value = $997)
Get Your Funnel!
Build your funnel super easily with my funnel templates!

You'll get the graphics and systems sorted to easily build a funnel that works so that you can plug and play!  And I'll share my strategies for building a million dollar funnel! 🧚‍♀️

(Value = $1,000,000)

To sum it up, in the membership you will get...

  • Expert guidance and support to finish your digital course
  • ​Weekly Q&A with me, Lucy, creator of a $19 course that has generated over a million dollars in sales giving you insight and support to nail your strategy
  • Monthly SEO sessions to help your business and course get found on Google​
  • ​​Monthly calls with our copywriting expert to help you with your emails and sales pages
  • ​Monthly calls with our Facebook ads expert to help you successfully sell your courses
  • ​Weekly tech calls with my Tech Ninja to help you nail your systems
  • ​Monthly focus sessions covering insiders topics on quiz building, webinar strategy, affiliate sales, funnel building, and more!!
  • ​Networking opportunities with an elite community of course creators through my exclusive Facebook Group
  • ​Twice-weekly accountability pod sessions
“I spent so much money in the past on courses that did not pan out or that did not keep my interest enough to move forward even after all the money spent. Some of them were top names too. Lucy by far surpassed all of them! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to move their business forward.”

Janet Sides, Totally U

My Complete Confidence Guarantee...

If you enroll today, you get full access to everything. Take 7 days to join the training sessions, try things out, connect with the community and even make your first sales.

If you don’t think this is for you, just send us an email. It’s that simple. No risk for you, just a 7-day opportunity to learn something new, make some new friends and make real progress.

I want to make this totally risk-free for you. I know this program is incredibly valuable, but I want you to feel confident in enrolling.

If you join and find the fit isn’t right, request a refund within 7 days of purchase. There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and we won’t make things difficult! 

I can offer this guarantee with full confidence!
“Lucy Griffiths is the queen of courses! She’s one of the leading experts when it comes to course creation and she has helped thousands of students to create successful courses and recurring. She can also help you to create a course that actually sells – and sells while you sleep.”

Fiona Harrold, one of the UK’s leading life coaches
“Lucy Griffiths is the course goddess! With humor, warmth, and golden nuggets of insight she’s helped me to see what’s possible with diversifying my income and creating recurring revenue. Even more importantly, she’s guided me step by step to make it happen. She took the overwhelm out of creating a course. She can also help you to create a course that sells while you sleep.”

Caroline Goyder, Founder and Creator of the Gravitas Method, her TED Talk has over 8 million views.

Discover the Right Motivation. And Breakthrough
Once. And. For. All.

You’ve come this far now, why not finish?

You probably have all of the reasons in the world to quit. Business isn’t easy. 

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t up for the challenge.

What if you just say ‘yes,’ and do it despite your objections?

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to complete what you set out to do?

This membership is set up to nurture you to the finish line and beyond with expert guidance, as well as a community of like-minded digital course builders, like yourself.

You’re So Close . . . Go That Extra Step and Become a Celebrated Member of

‘Make Money While You Sleep’

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