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Here's Just A Fraction Of What You'll Learn:
  • 5 things to do before going live for maximum success (and confidence!)
  • ​ How I went from only taking two photos of myself in a decade of world travel (sigh) to feeling natural and confident in videos
  • ​ Why putting captions on your videos is absolutely critical (and a cheap way to do it)
  • ​ The real reason you’re scared of being on camera (and how to overcome it)
  • Foolproof content ideas and a simple structure for impactful, high-converting videos
  • ​ A special trick for introverts to feel comfortable on Facebook Lives
  • ​ How to overcome your fear of friends, family, or coworkers seeing your online videos
  • ​ Why English becomes a second language on camera
  • ​ An easy, low-stress way to decide what to say in your video (in under five minutes!)
  • ​ How to use lighting to flatter you (and the exact equipment I recommend)
  • ​ Why you don’t like the sound of your voice on camera (and how to sound more authoritative)
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