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The Only System You’ll Ever Need for Building, Launching, and Selling a Course in Just 8 Weeks

You’ve been thinking about creating a course, but somehow, it’s just sat on the never-ending to-do list. 
You know that you can revolutionise your business by creating courses, but sometimes the tech and just the thought of it feels overwhelming.

I went from stuck to success just by creating courses and going for it!

But the honest truth is that I have developed a system to plan and create a course in just 4 days.

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You Know Other Entrepreneurs Have Turned Course-Building into a Passive Income Goldmine 
And in an ideal world, you’d be making heaps of revenue off your own online course, sharing your expertise with an enthusiastic audience, and enjoying handsome rewards for your knowledge.
But alas . . . You’ve not quite gotten there yet.
Sure, you know you should be launching a course. Maybe you’ve even got an idea for one that’s safely tucked away in the back of your mind.
But every time that idea awakens, overwhelm squashes it back to sleep in seconds flat.
The same way we pull the covers over our heads when the alarm goes off, our fears just love to keep our biggest dreams bundled up and in the dark . . . Like a swaddled baby who’d be harmed by meeting the world.
What You Will Learn:
1. We’ll Identify What Your Ideal Client Needs from YOU! 
2. We’ll map out your Course Creation Blueprint
3. How to actually get people to BUY from you!!! We’ll talk leads, leads, leads!!!
4. Building a system to sell. We’ll look at how you can build a system to sell and sell on repeat.
But What If . . .

Someone Handed You the Precise Formula Behind Building a Course that Crushes It?

I bet I know what your life would look like . . .

✔️ You’d transform overwhelm into genuine optimism and enthusiasm
✔️ You’d finally get time back to spend with your family and friends
✔️ You’d generate consistent, recurring income while you sleep
✔️ You’d whittle down your workload to a few hand-selected clients

And you’d breathe a massive sigh of relief knowing you officially navigated your way out of the rat race . . .
And into the freedom-based lifestyle you’ve so desperately craved.

Not only does the $3.25 billion course industry prove that this coveted success is possible . . .

I’m going to show you exactly how to achieve it.

The My Course Academy contains video trainings, resources, tutorials, and quizzes to absorb and implement its 9 packed modules.

Planning Your Time

Time to completion
Plan your course
Choose a start date
Designated webinar fill-up dates
30-day visibility plan start date
Type of course to create: evergreen or one that launches several times a year?
Create a value ladder of courses, or high-ticket?
 What price point should you choose?

Who Your Course Is For

Know your audience
Determining your ideal client
Do your research and check that your ideal clients like the course

Building Your Audience

Strategies to grow your audience
How to grow organically
How to grow your audience with:
- YouTube
- Pinterest
- Email 
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Paid Ads

Outline Your Course

Choosing your course name
Outlining your course
Pricing your course

Recording Your Course

Decide what types of videos you want to create
The ART of teaching
Recording and editing tips

Create Your Course Selling Strategy

How to establish the optimal course selling strategy
Organic strategy
Paid Facebook strategy

Building Your Lead Machine

What you need on your webinar page
What to include in your emails “selling” your webinar
How to use YouTube to push your evergreen webinar
How to use Instagram stories to grow your webinar sign-ups
How to create Facebook ads for your webinar
How to use Pinterest to push your evergreen webinar

Going Live on Your Webinar

Start your webinar funnel
Top tips for going live
How to drive webinar engagement

Selling the Low-Ticket Courses Through Facebook Ads

The paid-for strategy to sell your courses
Why your funnel matters
Building sales videos that convert


➡ Weekly training videos
➡ Live Q&A calls
➡ Daily encouragement and cheerleading from your coaches
➡ A private Facebook Group to network and get peer support

...and so much more!

From those who have been there:

“Best course I have taken in a very long time. I spent so much money in the past on courses that
did not pan out or that did not keep my interest enough to move forward even after all the money
spent. Some of them were top names too. Lucy by far surpassed all of them! I highly recommend
her for anyone wanting to move their business forward.”

- Janet Sides
“I was very impressed with the amount of individualized attention that I received in this group
program. The fact that you took the time to check in with each and every one of us during the
coaching calls made the experience extremely personable and kept us accountable. Everyone in
the group was at a different place in their course creation/business journey and you met each
and everyone of us where we were at in that journey. I loved our coaching academy community!... I also found 
the video creation content to be valuable as well as learning how to repurpose content for
different platforms.”

- Jennifer Athanas
“I have found the course absolutely amazing, full of valuable information and Lucy has shared a
wealth of her knowledge. The group was also a huge source of support and such a lovely bunch.
Here is wishing Lucy and the Course Academy all the very best for the future.”

- Amanda Redford
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