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You’ll Do Anything to Grow Your Business . . . EXCEPT Step In Front of the Camera

I get it. Bad hair days. Unflattering angles. A crippling fear of stumbling over our words. The reality is, we can conjure up a million excuses to avoid going live . . . But when we do, we’re only hurting ourselves.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you want explosive audience engagement and unstoppable conversion rates, you need to get comfortable in front of a camera.

Even Facebook says it . . . You’re 5 times more likely to make a sale when you put your face out there for the world to see! I’ve helped 30,000 entrepreneurs feel confident enough to launch high-converting videos . . .

And now I’m revealing the exact steps they took to gain the competitive advantage through rockstar video content.

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Go Live & Thrive™ Membership

What is it? A monthly membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of their own way and finally claim the success they deserve.

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✔️ Increase sales through compelling video content
✔️ Develop strong, long-term relationships with clients
✔️ Become a magnet for your ideal target audience
✔️ Reframe self-doubt and anchor newfound confidence
✔️ Realize the impact of stepping outside your comfort zone

What’s more, you’ll actually start to fall in love with going live . . . and experience a rush of unbridled enthusiasm every time you connect with your audience.
30,000 People Have Transformed Their Businesses Using These Strategies. Here’s What They’re Saying . . .

Lucy’s course is amazing! Her step-by-step guidance helped me to overcome my fears, build confidence, gain clarity on my message, and select the right equipment. Lucy is an authentic and heartfelt professional, and her years of experience in television production/reporting really take this course to the next level. You won’t regret your decision to take this course-it‘s a win-win!" 
~ Sharon Kusterer
I started this training and I’ve got to say it’s very good and detailed. You really get me to think deeply about how I think others see me and how it doesn’t matter. Yet I’m starting to realize where those beliefs came from. Thanks, Lucy.” 
~ Valerie Ni Fhearchair

Your content is so motivating and inspiring! I can’t wait to start Facebook Lives and expanding and tweaking my YouTube channel. I’m eager to continue to invest in building my business this way!” 
~ Carol Erb

Your Go Live and Thrive Membership helps you discover . . .

✔️ A supportive community to help and cheer you on when you go live
✔️ Crush your fears and ditch “what was I gonna say?!” moments for good
✔️ Training to help you go live on Instagram and Facebook
✔️ Easy guides to support using video on LinkedIn and social media
✔️ 365 ideas to help you go live every day
✔️ How to hook your audience right away, while staying 100% authentic
✔️ 9 savvy ways to create engaging videos, even on low-energy days
✔️ The closely-guarded secrets behind consistently flattering looks
✔️ The only checklist you’ll ever need to launch irresistible content
✔️ Weekly visibility and video coaching from Lucy’s team of coaches
✔️ Live Q&A twice a month with yours truly . . . PLUS community support

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A magnetic on-camera presence is the golden formula behind soaring sales and brand authority . . .

A formula that anyone can master with the right strategies and support working in their corner . . .

IF you stop holding yourself back from realizing your full potential.

This membership is for you if you . . .

✔️ Know you could benefit from going live but dread the idea of it 
✔️ Need expert advice on strategizing effective video content
✔️ Want to harness the power of building authority in your niche
✔️ Are tired of falling victim to outdated scripts of self-doubt
✔️ Crave the support of an enthusiastic, like-minded community
If any of these spark a “lightbulb moment” for you, then you’re in the exact right place for your game-changing transformation.

Now is the Time to Claim the Spotlight . . .

And swap paralyzing fears and doubts for confidence, inspiration, and limitless financial success.

I have complete trust in your ability to captivate an audience on camera. And together, we’ll make it happen faster than you ever imagined possible.

All you need to do is take the first step . . . and accept that you deserve to THRIVE!

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