If You’re Highly Motivated To Grow Your Business on Repeat, But You Just Can’t Seem To Figure It Out…
Please Read This!
February 2021


You Know Other Entrepreneurs Have Turned the online world into a Passive Income Goldmine 

And in an ideal world, you’d be making heaps of revenue off your own online course, sharing your expertise on video with an enthusiastic audience, and enjoying handsome rewards for your knowledge.

But alas . . . You’ve not quite gotten there yet.

I have something just for you.
But First, I’d Like to Make Something Clear
This offer is ONLY for you if you’re hungry to scale your business, harness the power of video and sell on repeat. 

You need to be open to new ideas and different ways of working…

And you MUST be willing to do the work.

Even with personalized assistance, using digital courses and video to grow your business takes work.

There’s no way around it!

But if you’re open-minded, motivated, and willing to do whatever it takes to master this profitable skill…

The results will blow your financial goals out of the water.

With that said, let me tell you…
Exactly What You’re Getting
My one-on-one VIP coaching program is designed to help you create digital courses and master video and stay ahead of the curve on marketing trends.

If you’re looking for a new way to boost your business online and meet your wildest growth goals… automating your business is the ultimate tool for you!

People buy from people they LIKE, and learning to use video enables you to connect and sell on camera, making you much more likely to put your business on autopilot and scale your courses. 

By working one-on-one with me, you’ll finally overcome your fears around selling on camera and creating a truly life-changing digital course. 

...Because the truth is, it IS a little complicated!

Crafting a best-selling course is about planning and being strategic.

It’s not necessarily just about creating a course and praying that it sells!

It's about understanding how to connect with your audience. 

It involves planning out your strategy, platforms and promo and ensuring that you maximise your marketing message to sell on repeat.

Intrigued Yet? Then Just Wait for It. When you sign up for private coaching...

✨ You’ll truly connect with your audience on video so they want to buy from you! 

✨ You'll launch your online course and start generating leads from students who cling to your every word
✨ You’ll build an automated system that sells your course on repeat - withOUT wasting hours on social media  

✨ You’ll bask in the glory of a passive revenue stream while cosying up to the warm fuzzy feeling of having free time again

✨ You’ll establish a system that can help you hit 6 or 7 figures without burning out in the process

✨ You’ll turn your automated vacation reminder on for weeks at a time, sans an ounce of guilt

✨ You’ll finally allow yourself to indulge in spontaneous adventures without batting an eyelash at the cost

To achieve all of the above, my VIP private coaching program includes:
  • 3-hour intensive (to strategically map out your business objectives and course creation plan)
  • 9 one-hour coaching sessions over a 3-month period (so I can answer ALL your business questions and provide guidance on how to move forward)
  • ​Access to my membership and courses (including My Course Academy)
Have we not met yet? 😘
My name’s Lucy Griffiths. And I couldn’t be happier you’re here.

As a media personality with 20 years of TV reporting beneath my belt, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a whirlwind of life experiences.

I’ve flown on planes with former president Barack Obama . . .

Interviewed A-list celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman, and Hugh Jackman . . 
And worked side by side with CEOs at Fortune 500 companies.

Heck, I’ve even been thrown in jail for reporting from Burma and built a TV station in Iraq.

However . . .

While each and everyone one of those experiences packed a one-two punch of adrenalin . . .

Nothing compared to the thrill of breaking free from the incessant demands of being on the entrepreneurial hamster-wheel.

See, just a couple years ago, my life mirrored the same seemingly impossible situation many of my students find themselves facing.  
I was juggling two businesses, while my income stayed limited to the number of clients I could take on. 

There was nothing I wanted more than to plan a trip with my husband and son. To enjoy just one day out uninterrupted by emails or work calls!!

Whilst I’d finally arrived at the dream of being a solo entrepreneur, I realized I felt more stuck than I had before.
But when I discovered the world of online courses, it all changed – for the better. I realized that creating a course enabled me to share my wealth of experience, without trading time for money, and grow my business!

And I can confidently say it was the best decision I’ve ever made for me and my business.

In just one year, I’ve managed to . . .

✔️ Sell over 30,000 courses

✔️ Gain complete flexibility over my schedule

✔️ Make over $600,000 from one $19 course

✔️ And spend the summer in Italy ! 

And as a qualified coach with a master’s degree in coaching, I’m a firm believer in following the coaching method of letting YOU lead the coaching session.

We’ll focus on the areas YOU want to focus on and hold the space that enables you to find the best solution for your business. 

And don't just take my word for it... 

Here's some love from my previous clients... 

"Lucy Griffiths is the course goddess! 

With humour, warmth and golden nuggets of insight She’s helped me to see what’s possible with diversifying my income and creating recurring revenue. 

Even more importantly she’s guided me step by step to make it happen. She took the overwhelm out of creating a course. 

She can also help you to create a course that sells while you sleep.”

~ Caroline Goyder
“If you’re starting your business or want more visibility online there are probably many areas you are good with. And a few things not so much and you know you need help!

You won’t find anyone who is more approachable, responsive and listens well as Lucy Griffiths! Lucy helped me sort out the social media channels that were best for me for using video. And, she pointed me to the necessary tools and resourced to automate my courses. 

It was such a relief to find Lucy. Try her, you’ll love her!”

~ Dr Carol Erb

Here’s How To Get Started

My 9-week VIP coaching program for private clients is $7,500...

But don’t take your wallet out just yet.

I’d like you to invite you jump on a quick Discovery Call with me, free of charge.

We’ll discuss your goals, your course plans, and whether we seem like a good fit to work together.

By the end of the call, I’ll know exactly what you need to master the art of digital course creation...

And YOU’LL know whether or not you’d like to move forward with my VIP coaching program... or you want to book a 2-hour strategy session with me.

Sound fair?
On The Fence? Imagine This...
It's morning... You've just woken up...

👉 You check your phone and see a steady flow of PayPal notifications and Stripe sales telling you how many courses you've sold while you were sleeping 😴😴😴 
👉 You've nailed the way you show up in your business on social media and your videos are doing the talking for you 😀
👉 Your business and your social media are running on automatic 💥 
👉 You get to choose to focus on your passion projects and the work that truly fulfils you 💝
👉 You’d transform overwhelm into genuine optimism and enthusiasm 🧚‍♀️
👉 You’d generate consistent, recurring income while you travel, snooze in your backyard or do the things you love 💕
👉 You’d finally get time back to spend with your family and friends 💃🔥

And you’d breathe a massive sigh of relief knowing you officially navigated your way out of business burn out. . .

And into the freedom-based business you’ve so desperately craved.

Not only does the $3.25 billion digital course industry prove that this coveted success is possible . . .

I’m going to show you exactly how to achieve it.
Here’s What to Do Next
The next step is for you to schedule your free Discovery Call.

We’ll discuss your goals, what you’d like digital courses to do for your business, and whether we seem like a good fit to work together.

If I feel I have game-changing advice to offer you, and you feel we’re a good fit… we can move forward with my one-on-one VIP coaching program

And if not, we can go our separate ways without any wasted money on your end.
But Here’s the Catch…
If you aren’t fully committed to making scaleable digital courses a successful and profitable part of your marketing…

My private coaching is NOT for you.

It’s ONLY for those of you who are motivated, open-minded, and willing to put in the work.

If you’ve already resigned to the fact that you’ll just never scale your business… 🥺

Or you secretly think your time would be better spent on other marketing methods…

Or you’re only entertaining the idea of video and digital courses because it feels “mandatory” as an entrepreneur... 💸

By all means, please pursue something else! I hope you find a tool that grows your business as aggressively as video and digital courses do. 

But if you’re aware of the huge benefits of digital course creation and scaling your online business and you’re anxious to experience all the benefits for yourself… 🔥🔥🔥

You’re exactly who I designed these Discovery Calls for. 

And if that’s your situation, I’d like to speak to you ASAP!

👇👇 Click the button below to schedule your call 👇👇

Much love,
Lucy xx

P.S. Just in case you’re like me and skip to the bottom of these letters, here’s what you need to know:

If you’re looking for a new way to boost your business online and meet your wildest growth goals… digital courses are the ultimate tool for you! 🚀🚀🚀

My VIP coaching program is designed to help you master the art of video, create digital courses and stay ahead of the curve on marketing trends 💥💥💥

Through a 3-hour intensive, 9 one-hour private coaching calls, and ALL of my online trainings, you’ll finally overcome your digital course fears and procrastinations, whether you’re afraid of the tech, overwhelmed with the creation or aren't sure you're an expert. 

Before you take your credit card out, let’s jump on a free Discovery Call.

I’ll learn about your goals and what you’d like digital courses to do for your business. If it seems like we’re a good fit, you can move forward with my one-one-one VIP coaching program.

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